It- Jacob tv

IT is based on 1928 newsreel footage featuring Helen Keller and her teacher Anne Sullivan and was composed in the summer of 2012 with financial support from the FPK.

IT is based on speech melody and the soundtrack consists of the voices of Helen and Ann: sentences, words and syllables, as well as piano and string sounds.

Helen Keller's loss of vision and hearing in early infancy made comprehension of the outside world next to impossible—or so it seemed. When teacher Anne Sullivan agreed to work with Helen, that world opened up, especially when Helen (1880-1968) comprehended the function and purpose of language. In the newsreel footage Sullivan explains and then demonstrates the methodology used to teach Keller language, most elements of which are still used worldwide with students who are deaf-blind. Helen learned so well that she would graduate with honors in 1904 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Having overcome her own handicaps to become a well-educated college graduate, Helen devoted the rest of her life to helping the blind of the deaf. She spoke 7 languages and wrote several books and articles. Her concerns included women's rights, pacifism, socialism and how to help the blind and deaf. (traducción al castellano, en la descripción del video en youtube)

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